Basic operation method of chamfering machine

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I. Attention during operation time, strictly abide by equipment operation regulations, and achieve safe operation.

2. Block the power supply before adjusting the equipment.

3. Make accurate adjustments according to the requirements of the product specifications. Special tools must be used when adjusting. Be careful and pay attention to safety.

4. Before operation, the feeder should be adjusted to the same straight line and parallel to the operation axis. According to the width of the cardboard to be cut, determine the orientation of the backing plate, the two grooved wheels, and the indentation rollers.

5. When installing a thin knife, compact it. After ensuring that the arc of the blade and the arc of the slotted wheel are common, tighten the screw of the pressure plate.

6. Adjust the bottom shaft tool holder, and avoid excessive pressure. After the blade and cardboard touch quietly to intercept. Minor adjustments to avoid damage to the knife holder and blade. After proper adjustment, there is no special situation and no further action is required.

7. Before starting up, remove everything on the equipment, check whether the fasteners are loose and whether the chain tension is moderate. Then manually turn the car to see if the pressure of the knife device and the feeding and indentation roller are suitable. After having no doubt, we had a good reception with the staff of the same crew and prepared to start.


8. When starting up, make sure that the oil level of the oil cup is appropriate, and then the engine works at low speed. Is the investigation abnormal? Wait until each transmission is completely smooth, and the machine changes without any abnormal movements, and then increase the operating speed. Immediately shut down for maintenance.

Before production, try to produce in advance. Check the multiple products one after the other and admit that they meet the requirements before they can be officially produced. Pay attention to the investigation during production. Similar trial production process, check every five minutes. If you find a problem, stop and adjust immediately.

X. Always check whether each part is worn or does not meet the requirements, and repair or replace it in time if in doubt.

11. Pay attention to machine maintenance and smoothness. 1. Ensure the oil level in the sump and drip frequently. 2. The feeder drive slider refuels once per shift; 3. The connecting gear is often smooth and refueling. Operation bearings are repaired once every six months to one year. Fill with calcium base butter.

12. Keep the shafts clean and scrub them with engine oil regularly.

13. After production, stop according to the rules and procedures. Block the power supply.

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