Angle cutting machine for normal finishing and maintenance

2019-12-14 09:52:24 admin

In these years, the application has been very extensive, so the finishing of the chamfering machine is very important. First, when the workpiece is used, cover it with a cover or paper on the bed surface; wipe the bed surface after use. When casting the workpiece, attach a cover to the plate, and at the same time wipe off the lubricant that has been splashed on the bed due to chips. When not using a chamfering machine, we need to do a good job of cleaning the lathe to prevent debris or debris from entering the lathe to damage the rails or increase its wear. Before using the lubricant, it is necessary to remove the waste from the lathe guide rail and the cooling lubricant tray. Wipe off the lubricant on the chamfer after use. Attention must be paid to the regular maintenance of the chamfering machine, because this ability extends its service life.


Conflicts will occur during use. If there is a lot of oil on the machine tool, if it is not operated properly, it may cause a fire at the angle cutting machine. If an explosion occurs, the result will be unimaginable. In order to prevent this kind of situation, we need to strengthen the use of machine tools. When operating the machine tool, we must pay attention to the usual cleaning of the machine tool and the surroundings of the machine tool.

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