How to staple a nail angle machine

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Nailing machine for nail installation Choose the right angle nail and corresponding die head according to the thickness of the line. The commonly used angle nails are 5 #, 7 #, 8 #, 10 #, 12 #, 15 #. Commonly used die heads are 7 #, 10 #, 12 #, 15 #, among which 7 #, 8 # corner nails can share 7 # die head, 5 # corner nails are rarely used. In general, the size of the corner nails is determined by the thinnest locality of the line, because when you cannot nail the same line, use 7 # corner nails for thin ones and 15 # corner nails for thick ones. The efficiency is too low.


If you can only use 7 # corner nails in thin places, then you can only use 7 # corner nails in this line, but you can stack nails in thick places, that is, without moving the tabletop, step on the right foot several times in the same direction. Switch the nails on and off one by one. Generally, the depth of the corner nails should reach more than two thirds of the line thickness. When attaching nails, pay attention to swinging the top of the nail feeder, with the side of the corner nails facing upwards, the convex side facing outwards, and the concave side facing inwards into the nail slot. Release the top of the nail feeder, under the action of the tension spring The nail feeder will press the corner nails tightly under the nail groove die until it runs out.

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