What material frame can be cut by the chamfering machine

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What kind of frame can the chamfer cut?

The angle cutting machine can also be called frame cutting machine, angle sawing machine, frame sawing machine, angle cutting saw, etc. Many customers call various names, and we have also summarized it and spread it with customers across the entire network. In fact, this official name Angle cutter


What kind of photo frame can the chamfering machine do?

角 The corner cutting machine can cut two kinds of frames, one is a wooden frame, and the other is an aluminum alloy frame. The wooden frame is generally a cross-stitch frame, a photo frame, an oil painting frame, and an aluminum alloy frame is a plastic steel door and window. The characteristics of our chamfering machine compared with other factories are that the saw blade is an alloy saw blade. The cut frame has no burrs and no burrs, and our ruler is an aluminum alloy ruler. The advantages of the aluminum ruler are very thick. Straight. In this case, the cut frame has a standard 45-degree angle, the cut surface is very flat, and the corners are easy to spell, and there are scales on the ruler, so you do n’t have to measure it every time. Reprinting and cutting on the picture greatly saves time, improves work efficiency, and makes the planning more humane.

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