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What moisture can bring to the frame

First, the water vapor in the ground will corrode our photo frames. Second, in the time of resurgence on the ground, the moisture in the ground will cause the moisture content of the indoor air to exceed the standard severely. In this humid environment, the day will have an impact on our health.

It is necessary to make it moisture-proof on the ground and on the cement base of the wall, otherwise it will be ineffective. And moisture resistance needs to be done before waterproofing. This will prevent the waterproof layer from falling and foaming. Moisture-proof needs to choose professional moisture-proof materials, not waterproof materials.

潮 The moisture-proof material must have these characteristics: First, it has the effect of durable moisture-proof. This is a shading project. If it fails in a few years, it cannot be compensated. Second, it is necessary to be environmentally friendly materials, without any transpiration, and moisture-proof is made on the ground at home, so products with transpiration cannot be used, and the transpiration area is too large.


Tips for cleaning all kinds of photo frames

The photo frame / photo frame / picture frame is generally used to clean up the dust. You can use a small sweeper to remove the dust. For some small gaps or difficult places to clean up, you can use a blower to blow away the dust. The rag is quietly wiped, and the stubborn stains can be quietly scraped away with a knife. Metal products can take photos and paintings, clean them all, and then dry them. Wooden frame products are not recommended for washing to prevent falling.

The returned frames and albums should be protected from sunlight and discoloration of the photos. They should not be placed in a wet place, which will cause some paper products to deform and wrinkle. Suppose the place where the photo frame and photo album are placed is humid and cool. You can put some monotone or shredded tobacco on the back of the photo frame. The album should be placed flat on the top of the monotonous drawer. It should not be placed at the bottom of the drawer to prevent moisture and kneading.

If the photo frame is supposed to be hung, the hanging position needs to be considered and understood. It is best not to hang it on the bedside in case of a large-scale crystal frame. In case of falling, it may cause physical damage. It can be placed on the wall or the opposite wall surface. The bedside can be placed with light hanging pictures or oil paintings, or mascots. After hanging, it is best to place two nails on the wall and hold the photo at the bottom of the photo to prevent the photo from falling too much.

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