Common problems in the use of nail angle machine

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To make a frame, a nail angle machine is essential, but with the increase in the types of nail angle machines and the diversification of line materials, customers encounter many problems in the process of nail angles. The following is the most widely used floor nail angle. As an example, the analysis is as follows:

Question 1: The situation of double nailing is presented. In this case, the nails do not match, and the types of nail grooves of different manufacturers are different, and the two nails are simply presented. The second is that the touching head and the firing pin are worn. In this case, you only need to change the touching head and firing pin.

Problem 2: When the air cylinder works, there is no response when the pedals are pressed. There are two reasons for this situation. One is the problem with the solenoid valve, so it can be replaced.


Problem three: The machine is weak in nailing. A large part of this situation is due to the aging of the cylinder. At this time, the air pressure of the cylinder pressure gauge can be properly adjusted, which can extend the service life of the cylinder. Durable operation is still to replace the cylinder or nail angle machine. Another reason is that there may be stagnant water in the cylinder or air compressor, so the stagnant water of the two should be cleaned on time.

Question 4: How to adjust the speed of nailing in batches. This mainly depends on the tightening of the two inner screws on the side of the conditioning cylinder. The tightening of the screws will slow down, and the loosening will speed up!

Others, normal pressure can be used when using foam or pine wood frame, and proper atmospheric pressure can be adjusted when using mixed wood or white wood frame. The effect of the aging cylinder may not be significant, and special hardwood angle nails should be used.

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