What are the types of angle cutters

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Classification of angle cutting machine ① Pedal angle cutting machine Pedal angle cutting machine is a kind of full mechanical structure machine with lever as the operating principle. Excellent strip-cutting talents for strip-shaped wooden strips and plastic strips. Its operating characteristics are cumbersome operation, excellent corner-cutting effect, no noise, no dust, suitable for carpenter products, plastic products such as photo frames, picture frames, picture frames, technical goods Use of manufacturing operations. The noise and pollution are small, and it is suitable for places with high environmental requirements (in galleries, shopping malls and halls).

②Push desktop angle cutter, block or cut corners of wooden bars, plastic bars, aluminum bars and other bars The structure varies with the angle of the cut angle. It can be assembled into a polygonal structure such as a triangle, which is safe and convenient to operate.


③ Vertical double-cutting machine Vertical double-cutting machine is widely used in photo frame manufacturing operations, aluminum-plastic doors and windows manufacturing operations, aluminum alloy skills manufacturing operations, and decoration operations. Its characteristic is a 45 ° angle cut, the equipment has an adjustable arrangement (the orientation of the angle aluminum can be adjusted according to the width of the data) and a two-way compression cylinder, so the operation is safe and convenient, the cutting angle is fast, the accuracy is high, the cut surface is flat, and the operation Speed is smooth.

④ Pneumatic angle cutting machine Pneumatic angle cutting machine is widely used in frame, furniture, doors and windows and other 45 ° or polygonal cutting angle, can cut wood strips, plastic strips, aluminum, etc., saw blade movement driven by the cylinder, operation Smooth, firm and fast cutting.

⑤ Pedal type double-cutting machine Pedal type double-cutting machine is particularly suitable for cutting small strips, with stable operation, low noise, fast cutting angle speed, and safe and convenient operation.

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