Reasons for inaccurate nailing by nail angle machine

2019-12-14 09:53:26 admin

One of the reasons that the nail angle machine is not in place is that the operator does not operate as required by the machine, the nailing speed is too fast, and the striker is not in place. Therefore, the operator must step on the nail switch after the operation. Release it for about 1 second to allow the firing pin to be fully operated.


The second reason is that the air pressure is insufficient and the nailing strength is not enough. To increase the pressure of the air pump, replace the high pressure air pump if necessary.

三 The third reason is that the set of nails is installed backwards. Do not put the sharp side of the nails upwards and the openings facing forward into the nail angle machine. For products such as a nail angle machine, the nail angle must be accurate to make better use of its functions. If the nails are not in place, the corner nails leak out, which results in a frame corner that is not robust, has a high reject rate, and reduces the quality of the frame.

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