Angle cutter is a special machine for wood cutting angle

2019-05-09 11:44:01

Use a corner cutting machine, cutting machine is a special machine for wood cutting angle, commonly used in the picture frame, frame, photo frame, cross spent occupation to produce aluminum doors and windows and decorative occupation occupation.

Two, cut the structure and transmission equipment synchro angle cutting machine body, motor, generally by spindle, table, wooden baffle and electrical part. The transmission device by the motor through the belt transformation of femoral shaft.

Grease three, angle cutter angle cutting machine guide rail and bearing grease.

Classification of the pedal four, angle cutter angle cutting machine pedal angle cutter, is a kind of leverage for the operating principle of the mechanical structure of the machine. Outstanding corner cutting ability of the strip wood, plastic strips, its operating characteristic is cumbersome, cutting angle effect, no noise, no dust outstanding, the application by a photo frame, picture frame, picture frame, technology products, plastic goods production carpenter goods occupation of. Noise and pollution is small, suitable for higher pleading places (gallery, shopping malls shop).

The push bench corner cutting machine, wood, plastic strips, aluminium alloy strip, strip off or cutting angle, right angle aluminum panel according to the hole position adjustment device to fit into a variety of view, shape, structure the assembled with cutting angle view is not the same, can be assembled into triangle structure, safe operation convenient, fast speed, cutting angle section flat, working steady speed.

The vertical double cutting machine vertical double cutting machine widely used for frame fabrication, occupation, occupation to produce aluminum doors and windows, aluminum alloy fabrication technology of occupation and occupation decoration. Its characteristic is 45 ° angle cut, equipment by way of adjustable Organization (according to the width of the material and adjust the angle of aluminum range) and the bidirectional pressing cylinder, so the safe and convenient operation, corner cutting speed, high precision, surface flat, smooth working speed.

The pneumatic angle cutter pneumatic angle cutting machine widely used in picture frames, furniture, doors and windows 45 ° or polygonal corner cut, can cut wood, plastic, aluminum, saw the mobile is driven by a cylinder, steady work, reliable, open speed.

The pedal type double cutting machine cutting machine is particularly suitable for pedal type double cut some small bars, stable work, low noise, angle cutting speed is fast, safe and convenient operation.

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