Angle cutter _ machinery subdivision occupation value at

2019-05-09 11:44:01

Because the impact of global economic recovery is weak, the domestic real economy low operation, investment growth slowing down the traditional mechanical occupation is under the impact, to expand the capacity of mechanical occupation was to a certain degree of occupation, business volume downturn has become an indisputable reality. The traditional machinery, general machinery and other strong periodic subdivision plate in the future for a period of time is difficult to systematic investment opportunities. However, the new government initiative economic structural adjustment of macro policy background, economic transformation is the new industry to bring add into the future trend, the new high-end machinery industry will usher in the spring, some with strong policy oriented high growth segment mechanical equipment occupation value potential worth exploring. About the occupation with investment highlights, AJ securities think, first of all is the ocean engineering equipment. And power consumption requirements of infinite relative to the amount of available power such as petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas and other resources are relatively few Chinese, per capita is far inferior to the average level of the world. In order to ensure economic development has continued, mining the ocean petrochemical resources will be more and more important, China marine engineering with broad market prospects. The second is the military equipment. In the world capital market, industry property securitization is a kind of trend, is the support of the national defense science and technology industry development of pillar method, add defense funds together, also ending intention to promote the further development of the blend. Future capital markets will demand for national defense infinite supply of funds more support. Third is the public transport. The traditional mechanical occupation worthy of attention is the deep influence of the policy of the subdivision of occupation, with the urbanization policy deepening implementation, public transportation is the machinery category under this policy the most profound effect. Fourth is the new coal chemical equipment. "Is big probability that fifteen demonstration project" has been approved, will be the amount of capital contribution in the needs of the project reached 700000000000 yuan, market potential. Fifth is the industrial automation, robot, including 3D print etc.. In order to reduce labor costs, but also ensure the work efficiency and the quality of the products, automation trend back in industrial production will become more and more significant. Web site: