Brad _ machinery China packaging occupation development condition analysis

2019-05-09 11:44:01

At present, Chinese packaging occupation annual growth rate has ranked first in the traditional occupation, but in line with the international market, must accelerate the packaging technology development, so that its development to the economic, efficient, multi-functional direction. In recent years, such as Chinese of agricultural products deep processing of total investment reached about 32000000000 yuan, processing and packaging equipment imports more than 80%. As the national economy in many areas of industry, packaging machinery occupation benefit from other occupation prosperity, its technology progress and supporting services can also be counterproductive in the other occupation. It is the packaging industry supply leading technical equipment, to ensure high quality, high efficiency, multi species, low cost, high environmental protection packaging of goods, which has strong vitality, bring social benefit and economic benefit. Because the food, drug category great packaging, packaging machinery maintains the astonishing speed. Skill requirement with intelligent, automatic, controllable, compatibility put forward higher demand for domestic packaging machinery production occupation. Chinese packaging machinery goods because less species, low skill levels, product reliability is poor and other reasons, facing the intense international competition. Especially China in recent 5 years, and speed up the development of deep processing of agricultural products, building saving society, the development of circular economy and increase the ability of innovation, constitute the new skills into climax. Packaging machinery manufacturers pay more and more attention to packaging equipment development rapid, low cost, equipment to small, sensitive, versatile, efficient direction. This trend is also included to save time, reduce costs, so the packaging sector is seeking packaging equipment combination, concise, mobile. After modeled, the introduction of skills and capital and globalization acquisition method, China packaging machinery manufacturing level and slow to the rapid development of industrial design. Today Chinese packaging machinery manufacturing company is simple through the acquisition of some key parts of globalization, and then quickly equipment corrosion reliability level of skill. But the level of developed countries, such as Germany American slow still far from. In today's market development, expect to see the effect also is our unremitting efforts in carrying out the way the results of many people, let our commodities is improved in safety and powerful environment. Packaging machinery has gradually mature, our market will be very good to improve the development of. Web site: