Angle cutter _ Siege: engineering machinery by occupation how?

2019-05-09 11:44:01

In this century's first 10 years, carried out in the high-speed economic benefit, the real estate market "prosperity" and fixed asset investment growth, engineering machinery Chinese occupation has become one of the fastest growing occupation. In ten years, ZOOMLION (5.83, 0, 0%), Sany [micro-blog] (7.24, 0, 0%), Xugong, Liugong (6.95, 0, 0%), and other Large Firm have appeared in paper. Prior to and after 2011, the effects of 4 trillion investment, engineering machinery manufacturers are numerous and large capacity expansion. However, after 2011, the nasty downturn and excess capacity to two layer effects, Chinese engineering machinery start downhill occupation groups. Data shows, 2012 the whole occupation eight major host sales year-on-year decrease of ups and downs over 20%. At the same time, the company about the tense capital, substantial downsizing and a series of negative information in the bookshops circulate.

Looking for ways to help themselves, into the engineering machinery company the most urgent mission.

"Although the engineering machinery occupation gold ten years has past, but it is still ten to fifteen years of good times." Shandong Lingong CEO Yu Mengsheng under "China Sankei news" interview with reporters that: "in the overseas market, I think Chinese engineering machinery industry has great potential."

In fact, after joining the WTO, the China Company of "going out" has become the norm. Companies to "go global" has been the primary current during the pure export commodity, begin to enter overseas listing and financing, overseas funded factories even during overseas M & A, the multi level from the capital output to a strategic plan to promote.

Engineering machinery occupation is no exception. Data shows, 2013 first half of the year, tyre type self-propelled cranes, dredgers, greater than the export of 100 tons of all terrain crane, crawler excavator presents high speed increase. With the acceleration of globalization, "ventured overseas" into a feasible strategy China engineering machinery occupation long time development. At present, Chinese engineering machinery is equipment has been overseas shopping malls under occupation, profession skills has become the China Company good foundation to participate in international competition.

The loader as an example, once in 2005, fewer than 50000 overseas China loader. These years, the China Company in the international market to establish a channel. Data shows, 2011 Chinese loader loader occupation cumulative export 18829 units, an increase of 72.25%. Have to say, in the international market, China Company started a mall, seized the end customer, with a strength from a piece of the invention stores.

"In 2009 we began arranging overseas development plan, then that is the overseas three year plan." Yu Mengsheng said: "we put a lot of manpower and material resources, financial resources, we went on a Global system. An investment 48000000."

Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co (Shandong Lingong) is the international engineering machinery 50, its main products for shovel dig series, road machinery series, mine car series and a series of small construction machinery etc.. At present, the goods exported to the world more than 60 countries and regions, the loading of goods machine, roller proportion in Brazil, Russia, the Middle East, South Africa and other new overseas market big.

The domestic market is shrinking, so why not test the overseas market? This seems to be the one everyone understands the truth. But, to overseas markets has always been is not a simple matter.

"China Company to go out, we must pay attention to service." Yu Mengsheng indicated: "in the overseas, the most important thing is not how much do you sell goods, many countries which sell service, but can not keep up with the local, can not be satisfied with the local customer service needs. If a few years ago some companies going out, do not pay attention to the service and brand, results that it is very difficult to do. Engineering machinery also face this question, and the question is more serious."

In fact, the construction machinery occupation export situation is not optimistic. The BRIC countries export as an example, with the exception of South Africa, Chinese engineering machinery exports to Brazil, Russia, India are down. People in the industry think, BRIC countries cut reason on imported Chinese engineering machinery, on the one hand is the appreciation of the yuan, on the other hand, the BRIC countries also raised taller requirement to China engineering machinery product.

"Last year I Africa a country, to find a company China bid more than 80 cars move in, results, in this country, China commodity emotions -- I never." Yu Mengsheng said.

Because Africa industry is relatively backward, equipment damage in the future, local does not have to "bad repair, a screw can not repair". But the Chinese company failed to goods necessary after sale service. This leads to the situation.

This situation is not occasional appearances. According to customs statistics show, 2013 first half of the year China engineering machinery products export amounted to 7291000000 u.. In the meantime, the exports accounted for 80.9%, amounted to $6142000000; parts exports year-on-year decline 61.36%. Visible, China engineering machinery company this "re host light fittings" situation is unlikely to improve the short term, and accessories is after the malls and service center.

"This year in August, we built a factory in Brazil, this is the first South American China Company in mass production of goods, of course, we build the Division has made a research topic. We are to build a factory in Brazil, is equivalent to an adequate spare parts warehouse put there, to service the entire South American market. From the China any local fittings to South America, need 58 days to 60 days, for the service of the pressure and the mall is very important." Yu Mengsheng said: "we are developing the new three year plan, the overseas market policy is to achieve 5000000000, 5000000000 not including shopping malls. Then the mall can give us more benefits. We determined to remain huge."

Economist Tang Min said, China Company to go out is also China economic increase chance of future. The international market especially developing countries and many developed countries need to fund investment, the next round of companies to develop new strategies, in accordance with the new concept of "international to go out". As countries open degree rise, the government formulate corresponding policy support, and the international market will need to contact the infinite engineering machinery occupation.

Perhaps, this will create a new road occupation turn for Chinese machinery.

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