Nailing machine _ economic situation steadily add construction machinery is expected to pick up

2019-05-09 11:44:01

Recently released, Academy of Financial Strategy Research Institute "China micro economic operation state (2013 - 2014)". The report points out, 2013, China growth rate is 7.7%. This year the organization of Chinese economy by "high speed" to "high" transform gradually. Affected by the economic rise of occupation at the end of the year, engineering machinery is turning for the better. Professor analysis, 2014 Chinese first in the period of strategic opportunities, estimated in 2014 China GDP add around 7.5%, will continue to adhere to a reasonable interval of economic operation. Despite the economic growth, prices steady potential is not strong, but the "steady add" as a policy approach will also fundamentally unchanged. Policy of "stable add" only marginal effect will appear gradually decreasing trend, and then "steady add" policy for the future economic contribution degree will be reduced. But "steady add" in the economy added plays an important effect of occupation, will be entrusted construction machinery on "four trillion" stimulants, but in the economic tide stable gradually, gradually add. China economic high add normalization "Statement" is proposed, the current China economy by "high speed" to "high" transform, 2008 as useful to crisis under the impact of the lack of short-term nature of the cyclical decline, but in 2013 as the symbol, the growth rate of transformation has become periodic long time layout and period of decline, "the cycle from the main lack of shake evolution cycle to supply bound to shake, and then high growth will be normal. In recent Chinese Academy of Sciences published "economic blue book", the total social fixed assets investment will exceed 45 yuan, the actual nominal add 20.4%, add 19.2%, continued to be equal to the steady and rapid add. In 2013, exports and imports were estimated to add 8.7% and 7.5%, a trade surplus of around $270000000000. In 2014 China first in the period of strategic opportunities, estimated in 2014 China GDP add around 7.5%, will continue to adhere to a reasonable interval of economic operation. Engineering machinery occupation warmer signal intense Recently, the National Bureau of statistics service query Chinese manufacturing intermediate and Chinese logistics and purchase federation released purchasing manager index flashed, 2013 November China manufacturing PMI was 51.4%, and last month equal, successive 14 months is located above the critical point. The National Bureau of statistics service query intermediate grade statistician Zhao Qinghe shows, since this year, as the center, structural adjustment, promote the steady addition of reform measures in place and effective, the production and operation of the company environment gradually improved, the manufacturing sector continues to undermined stability. Other data also flash, occupation, occupation in 2013 October excavator sales volume 7537, 23.7% increase, by adding 8.9%. 1-10 month excavator accumulated sales of 97935 units, down 6.6%, than the 1-9 month 8.4% decline narrowed by 1.8 percentage points. From the layout view, the October dig dug, dug a small, from a year earlier to add 57%, 15.6%, 30.2%. 1-10 months, small dug 3.1% increase, dug, dug up by 4% and 36.8% respectively. The national policy on stabilizing add mechanical engineering occupation development gradually appear, micro economic environment long time stability can be expected, engineering machinery occupation will gradually stable development path. In fact, the recent Chinese High-speed Rail, highway, railway, city rail traffic and municipal construction and other areas of favorable constantly, need to provide some support for engineering machinery. Estimates of future construction machinery market will not continue to reduce, gradually will rise is the trend. Web site: