Brad _ machinery manufacturing occupation development prospects

2019-05-09 11:44:01

A brief introduction of occupation, machinery manufacturing

Machinery manufacturing industry as a pillar industry Chinese economy, one of the world China together is in contrast with the advantage of occupation. Machinery manufacturing occupation generally can be divided into: general equipment manufacturing industry, special equipment manufacturing, transportation equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery and apparatus equipment manufacturing and instrumentation manufacturing.

Two, occupation development situation

Machinery manufacturing industry as a carrier of the foundation of the national economy, the support of the industrialization and economic transformation. Whether to carry out optimization of regional industrial layout is the layout adjustment cannot do without mechanical manufacturing industry. Machinery manufacturing industry Chinese needs experience in import substitution to increase the export of the development process, Chinese is in the later period of import substitution.

With the improvement of urbanization, infrastructure construction and real estate investment substantially add, add to investment growth oriented to greatly increase the need for mechanical equipment, use together with the progress increase, mouth instead of financial leverage. Machinery manufacturing industry in the past twenty years rapid development. But as the economic slowdown, the urbanization rate region of steep, occupation development in import substitution stage and rational steady development time.

Three, occupation development trend:

1, increase the export

Chinese machinery manufacturing company in China heavy industrialization and city promotion time achieved quickly add, from 2003 to 2011 mechanical occupation yield compound growth rate reached 26.8%. Large Firm has accumulated abundant capital strength and strong technical advantage. Company on the one hand, the need for more deep skills precipitation and innovation history in overseas, on the other hand, together with the company in domestic market slowdown in the market and developed countries to support the company continue to grow. China some leading machinery companies experienced, price, cost superior strength, laid a good foundation for the development of the world.

2, overseas mergers and acquisitions

At present, many domestic companies began to walk road of overseas mergers and acquisitions, overseas mergers and acquisitions to expand overseas and through the introduction of foreign advanced skills role. After the overseas M & a form, machinery manufacturing China optimization after sale service system in open up to the world a way to sell together, clear positioning of domestic machinery manufacturing company is the price.

3, transformation and upgrading

Energy saving and environmental protection is a key project in the national five year plan, the state environmental protection investment efforts will further increase, "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, estimated total investment of environment pollution management will reach three trillion, which will promote the transformation of traditional China machinery manufacturing industry with the manufacturing industry development will be steep, and the energy saving and environmental protection high added to be fitted as necessary machinery manufacturing industry in transition process.

With exports add, deepening the deepening and the transformation of overseas cooperation. Chinese machinery manufacturing industry will remain robust. While manufacturing equipment is an important industrial building supply equipment for various sectors of the national economy and national defense and infrastructure, the development trend of the effect has also been added, the faster. Future with the national severe deepen follow revival with policy, professional equipment manufacturing industry by government and market support, special equipment manufacturing industry will attract outstanding opportunities for development.

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