Nailing machine _ mechanical occupation upgrade "three magic weapons"

2019-05-09 11:44:01

"Since a home is a factory, moved in several Taiwan simple equipment, modeled on the + self-study, OEM processing, a way of exploring work." Speaking of industry started when the phenomenon, Ruian City electronic mechanical occupation occupation association secretary general Jin Puguang said.

From the beginning until now only modeled, continuous innovation; production from the traditional low to high skill skill small machinery, light mechanical and electrical integration equipment for large production; production from the beginning to now, rough machining, inter provincial complete industrial chain...... In the continuous transformation, our city more robust mechanical occupation. This year 1 to October, total output value of the above mechanical occupation plan the company amounted to 18000000000 yuan, and last year compared with the same period of adding greatly.

On the other hand, along with the aggravating competition of occupation, low, small, scattered in the industrial competition force is not strong, short is also more significant. "Daobi mechanism, to complete the upgrade extremely urgent." Jin Puguang said, has been famous in South Ruian machinery industry, in order to ensure that this "a gilded signboard" do not fall, mechanical occupation I after stronger company, do fine, do good commodity chain, three pronged approach, to promote the upgrading and transformation of the whole occupation.

Magic one: stronger company

Innovation product, strengthen management, expanding sale. Almost all companies are aware of, endlessly, either. Relying on upgrade to "equipment" company, do strong, on the one hand, Bada Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. is a vivid example.

Bada Mechanical & Electrical Co. Ltd, currently is the world's largest, most types of fruit, the most professional "single-phase mini electric hoist" producers, is also the national electric wire rope hoist occupation standard drafting unit, the electric hoist sales accounted for the total global sales of 1/3.

The person in charge of the company, electric hoist is an important thing factory workshop, family garage, warehouse lifting, suitable for occupation and industry restaurants, shops, repair and transfer service production line, it is necessary equipment for large industrial facilities.

"Because the use of a limited range, the primary market and sold in Europe and America, electric hoist this industry has been constrained in the sale of goods. But it was the industrial wind, let the octopus into the world's largest 'single-phase mini electric hoist' producers." The responsible person said, "the using range is narrow, the sale amount is small, makes the big companies have no interest in the 'cake', and turn the difficulty of European and American market, make the most of the small companies to stop. In this case, we rely on technological innovation and strict production standards, to the multinational multinomial product certification, useful to break the foreign skills fortress, then open the European market."

According to know, in order to smooth open and shopping malls, "Bada Mechanical & electrical product certification" only devoted cost a total of nearly 10000000 yuan, an average annual investment of more than 1000000 yuan. Three series of dozens of kinds of the same use of EU EN14492 the UL specification 2006 and American organization production, goods are passed through the EU "CE", "EMC", the German "GS", "UL", USA Canada "CUL" certification and the European Union "WEEE", "ROHS" green Double Certifications, is the domestic the same occupation in commodity certification, certification standards up to complete a company.

In this regard, "Bada electromechanical" does not meet the brought in electric hoist profit, the new profit point and start digging from science and technology innovation. In 2011, "Bada electromechanical" successfully trial produced the intelligent mower, the product is mass production, is expected to become the company a new profit add points.

Magic three: excellent industrial chain

According to know, the city more than 80% of the machinery manufacturing company in Anyang, Tang Xia, Ting, Feiyun along the strip Road 104 things on both sides of the inner.

From Ruian to Ruian is making, mechanical occupation in our city in the long time development of strong industrial groups and industry chain has been formed in the process, from raw materials, auxiliary materials supply, from parts to assembly parts of the specialized division of labor and transportation, sale, service and other social supporting Jackie Chan.

And the mechanical supporting occupation occupation, such as casting, casting, mold, standard parts production, fine machining center, electroplating and other related occupation is synchronized, and automation control electronic circuit matching supply, constitute a strong and tight industrial chain. But along with the potential of sustainable development emerged, mechanical product I's market share quickly.

Reporters from the mechanical electronic occupation occupation association to know, since this year, the occupation has been to work focus on the optimization of industrial chain. With the industry growing, industry chain extension, internal division of industry is also gradually thinning, the upstream and downstream industry cooperative advantages growing. At present, the mechanical production of occupation has started from the casting and forging to parts processing, surface treatment, motor, driving device, machine installation for the production of integrated cooperation system, supporting each commodity has many companies and.

In addition, by virtue of the collaborative network with specialization and cooperation as the foundation, interactive, collaborative effect of mechanical manufacture occupation internal further enhanced, useful progress summarized competition advantage the mechanical occupation, to promote the Ruian machinery products in the popularity of continuous improvement and expansion of domestic and international market share.

In 2012 April, 22 machinery company of company of our city responsible person investigation group investigation, went to Japan, 3 types of machinery and equipment production company, and 3 company production management, site management, skills of ornamental, communication and discussion. In October of that year, I also organized 46 mechanical companies to participate in the 18 international fair in Yiwu Chinese machinery exhibition, effectively improve the visibility and reputation of mechanical products in our city.

Next, I will build on the hi tech park of channel, try to develop leading project extension of circular economy industrial chain advantage, to promote industrial development, industrial chain.

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