Brad _ machinery industry base construction is the key work of warmer

2019-05-09 11:44:01

It is understood, in Chinese economic transition process, mechanical plate reflect the high boom the transformation of traditional industries and emerging industries of earnings, and on 2014, mechanical plate warmer contribution, we look at the mean operation around key. Real estate operation: the sale of real estate and new construction change trend According to the micro data, infrastructure investment to high, real estate sales and new construction fell; the micro perspective, October excavator sales slightly higher than the seasonal characteristics. At the bottom of the range, waiting for new construction real estate is expected to rise. Engineering machinery sales pilot policy infrastructure investment to high; together with the engineering machinery investment hourglass has logic from the capital to the real estate. Need to focus on the sale of real estate, close to the stock and real estate changes of new construction, if the real estate appear active signal, the probability will increase construction machinery to walk out of trough. Rail traffic: the strategic adjustment, the market leading to rise And the wave of railway ministry leading railway to create a different rise, created the railway is more dependent on the state through the price system reform, public compensation and enliven the land assets forward ROE level; by reading powers, create a fund to establish railway, financial support aspects of raising a fund. To establish the long-term mechanism to increase the folk capital into the iron vivacity, and femoral artery railway created especially freight corridor, a recovery and the rise of intercity railway. If the rail transit smoothly to create work, the work of engineering machinery pull operation will greatly increase the probability of recovery, engineering machinery. Web site: