The basic method of operation angle cutting machine

2019-05-09 11:44:01

One, operation time focus, strictly abide by the equipment operation procedure, to guarantee the operation safety.

Two, adjust the equipment before the first cut off the power supply.

Three, on the basis of scale demand commodity specification, adjust, adjust to use special tools, be careful, Caution.

Four, before the operation, feeder to adjust to the same line and parallel to the shaft and operation. According to the cutting board width, determined by plate and two slotted wheel, and each indentation roller bearing.

Five, device thin knife, to compaction. Ensure that the blade curvature and slotted wheel radian together, the pressure plate screw.

Six, adjust the bottom shaft knife, avoid excessive pressure. The blade and the cardboard touch after quietly intercept prevail. Micro adjustment, avoid to damage the knife and blade. After adjustment for, no special circumstances need not move again.

Seven, before the start, the eradication of all items of equipment, check the fastener Is it right? Loose, the tension of chain Is it right? Moderate. Then the manual barring device view, knife and pressure feeding indentation roller Is it right? Suitable. No doubt after the unit staff with a good reception, ready to boot.

Eight, boot, to ensure that the oil level appropriate after exposure, the engine, low speed operation. Investigation of abnormal Is it right? Transformation. After each drive some completely smooth, and machine shift anomaly free movement, and then progress operation speed. Trouble immediately stop to repair.

Nine, before production, to pre trial production. After viewing a commodity, admitted to meet the demand, can be formally production. Production process, take note of the investigation. A similar trial production process, every five minutes once. That question immediately stop adjustment.

Ten, often see Is it right? Wear or does not meet the requirements of each component, if in doubt, timely repair or replacement.

Eleven, pay attention to the machine maintenance and smooth. 1 to ensure the oil tank oil level, and often drip. 2 feeder transmission block in each class of filling a 3 connecting gear often gas smooth. The first half of a work bearing repair to one year. Filled with calcium base grease.

Twelve, the shaft to keep clean, regular oil scrub.

Thirteen, production is completed, according to the rules of procedure for shutdown. Cut off the power supply.

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