How ordinary finishing and curing on the corner cutting machine

2019-05-09 11:44:01

These years, use is very extensive, so angle cutter arrangement is very important. In the first part, in bed with the cover plate or the paper will cover; after use wipe the surface of bed. In casting parts, covering on the plate is provided, at the same time to wipe the chip to splash lubricating oil on the bed surface. When not using the corner cutting machine tool, we need to do a good job cleaning lathe, prevent dust or debris into the lathe to guide damaged or aggravate the wear. Use of lubricating fluid, demand the eradication of lathe guideway and cooling and lubricating liquid fill dish waste. After the use of the lubricating fluid to wipe clean corner cutting machine. Must pay attention to regular maintenance and corner cutting machine, because this can extend the using life

In the use of conflict happens, if the machine has many oil case, if the improper operation, it can lead to corner cutting machine if the fire, explosion, so the results will not be able to imagine the. In order to prevent the onset of such a situation, we should strengthen the machine use demand, in operating the machine should pay attention to regular cleaning around the machine tools and machine tool, especially when using the machine and car garage six party tools for attention.

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