Brad _ carpenter machinery industry or will usher in the active time

2019-05-09 11:44:01

Development and facing the third upgrade tide China furniture company experience more than 20 years, the urgent need to shopping malls and channel carpenter machinery initiative to promote and complete the carpenter machinery automation. In order to adapt to the market development of new need for progress, furniture making industry development and competitiveness, Zhejiang province people's government will work together to Adsale Exhibition Services Limited in 2013 November 19-22 at the Yiwu World Expo Center D1 hall "China Yiwu world woodworking machinery, furniture production equipment and Accessories Fair", in East China shares the radiation industrial province rise and transformation.

  carpenter machinery ushered in the initiative's

              automation is a concentrated expression of the level of industrialized countries, active China furniture industry, wood processing industry, wood-based panel industry depends on the carpenter machinery industry. The carpenter machinery automation means follow company cost is rising, effective measures to improve labor productivity, which is the progress level of automation equipment. And one of the Progressive Corp benefit way is to cut the number of workers, and this trend will continue for a long time. Therefore, using the numerical control woodworking machinery has the realistic meaning of the initiative of serious.

          China except imported artificial plate production line outside, other carpenter industrial base in the traditional general equipment during the single piece and small batch production form, with no active processing. While the wood industrial production automation will greatly improve the wood industry in the world position and competitiveness, is of strategic meaning is serious, China carpenter machinery will usher in a new era of automation.

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