Nailing machine _ engineering machinery fittings afternoon tea: Construction Machinery Exhibition expansion at

2019-05-09 11:44:01

Yesterday's meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, to go the new urbanization path, promulgated the national new town plan. Meeting with the demand, with the second national land query function, lively and promote land management reform in principle, considering the complexity of all the land question, principles and policy plan, comprehensive planning, land management principle of change. In December 4, 2013, then from 2014 New Year's Day is only 27 days time, dear friends you now Is it right? Is at the end of the year sprint fight? At this moment, has always been in the market downturn of engineering machinery operation angry again, in the afternoon, facing the stock news sentiment rising, while ZOOMLION, Xugong, Liugong, Sany giant such as company is led, like that, the temperature lower winter actually does not think so "cold". Chongqing electromechanical mainly engaged in commercial vehicle parts, general machinery, CNC machine tools and power equipment manufacturing and sales, business across the machinery, cars, electrical equipment and other industrial sectors. Companies with USA Cummins collaboration, introducing high-powered diesel engine technology and gradually over the domestic production, and is expected to grow quickly. Now the big horsepower diesel engine field. Steel operations unit dynamic engineering machinery to further develop overseas markets Operation engineering machinery is an important cost of operation, steel material together, primary user steel work engineering machinery products excavator, road roller, rotary drilling rig, loaders, cranes, concrete pump car, it is necessary to strengthen the work collaboration, promote healthy development of the end of two operations, win-win. Growing demand for small loader development prospect large swell Along with the diversification of construction machinery types and different environment with demand, small engineering machinery has been in the market mature, demand calm and slowly rising trend. Since the ninety's of last century, with the high-speed expansion Chinese economy, engineering machinery China also entered the fast development stage. In recent years, small engineering machinery as the bright younger generation, in the construction of some large and medium-sized machinery, instead of the azimuth, by users of the widely waiting, together, reflect the small engineering machinery expansion is Chinese conditions. The development of new agricultural machinery for fear of repeating the mistakes of construction machinery Ma Shiqing, executive vice president, China Agricultural Mechanization Association Science Department of agriculture of great wisdom news agency exclusive mark, agricultural machinery operation traditional market is now full, if not speed up product innovation, expand the application field, the future will become the operation of construction machinery. Web site: