Brad _ China crusher occupation presents good expansion

2019-05-09 11:44:01

China “ 35 ” s, promoting green, the sharp decline in capital spending power intensity and pollutants emission intensity as a self - restraint policy, has become the focus of the occupation of China. Plastic crusher occupation also will be facing energy-saving skills questions, in this transformation if cannot supply high efficiency, high environmental protection plastic crusher, many companies will gain market competitiveness.

With the China project construction continued to strengthen, crushing machinery occupation has outstanding expansion momentum, ushered in the opportunity of expansion. According to relevant data show, China crushing machinery increased future primary direction for product upgrades: market share, and to develop new products innovation form a new growth point.

Usually produces equipment large crusher company of equipment environmental indicators are strictly required. The company in the production equipment, fully considering all questions can appear in the operation of the equipment, greatly reduce the equipment due to vibration or improper operation of big noise, serious pollution incidents. With a Chinese urbanization, new rural and industrial expansion speed, energy consumption construction high, using low power level question has also become the economic efficiency of force to stop the.

Along with the deposit cost analysis skills and related industry rapidly and violently forward, in 2012 the national total over 50 tons of ore mining, crushing machine equipment has been widely used in mining, mine set up cost. So, progress skill content, optimize product quality, to accelerate energy-saving emission reduction, flashbacks, and crusher is the main job occupation.

Because the plastic crusher renewal is faster, especially small crusher life of only three five years, the annual domestic crusher crusher replacement is about 20% of the total expansion needs, supply the weak power for broken machinery fast, together in the deployment of low carbon economy, broken machinery occupation is also faced with the question of important technical transformation of energy saving and environmental protection type crusher.

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