Angle cutter _ electronic commerce rapid development of traditional mechanical occupation false potential development

2019-05-09 11:44:01

          according to the statistical data, compared with 2011 China e-commerce shopping malls all business planning and in 2010, an increase of nearly 2 more than 1 trillion yuan. Future 3-5 years, Chinese e-commerce market will continue to adhere to its increase trend, towards the end of the year, 2013 is expected to break 10 yuan.

          macroeconomic smoothly carry out environment and e-commerce becomes better, and the government of the electronic commerce to give policy encouraged, e-commerce and immediately around the company development process; many of the traditional occupation first enter the business market, then the current situation how, after all, the network promotion success is how the?

          the traditional occupation cover planning widely, but the electronic commerce network promotion and pay attention to that degree is far from enough. The management method can't bear innovation even exclusion network promotion, of course, there are a number of companies to break the tradition, to catch the network to carry out this development key, complete the company to conduct.

        according to know, many companies in the Internet trading activities throughout this idea: the company in the business and the establishment of the site, is the beating of one step, the release of supply and demand information and commodity can wait for orders and customers.

          there are objective facts indicate, this idea is not conducive to the website construction company and brand promotion. The construction of website of business also directly reflect the company's image in the minds of consumers. According to the mechanical occupation development situation analysis in recent years, the influence of traditional mechanical occupation development mainly has the following 3 reasons:

          mechanical occupation list. In the end products are small and medium-sized companies, and the number is more, build brand awareness is the key of

          second. The innovation ability of traditional machinery manufacturing company, planning is smaller and the sale method of single

          third. Foreign competitors to snatch the domestic occupation market, competition intensified

          in the face of such a serious development situation, machinery manufacturing occupation domestic Is it right? Cannot force save, and how to do it, to improve their competition strength, complete the innovation development. Insiders claim, to grasp the trend of development, perfect oneself implementation methods, adjusting the industrial structure is the key step. By creating the web site, complete useful occupation contact mechanical and electronic commerce, the traditional occupation of pure line trading moved to e-commerce platform, the general store in the face of sale planning narrow, sell a single way of lack, the website content includes not only the corporate image that there are specific commodity display, visitors pass the website can obtain occupation followed; but also pay attention to the analysis of daily data, analysis of data is important to do the process of electric business, can insight into the current situation and market shopping malls, through the analysis and market positioning, gain more business opportunities and tourist.

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