PS extruder lines

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The main technical parameters of MAIN TECHNICAL DATA



[Model NO]

Motor power kw


Long / wide / high

[L/W/H (MM)]

The weight of the product (KGS)

[Product Weignt (KGS)]

JC 65 22KW 2710X1300X1720 1900
JC 90 37KW 3640X1520X1720 2950
JC 110 45KW 4070X1950X1720 3600
JC 120 55KW 4200X2120X1720 4800

The main unit and the SJ65/90/110/120 single screw extrusion machine, bronzing machine, embossing machine, cutting machine, drawing machine, water tank and other facilities, can form PVC micro foamed profile production line, the products are widely used in many fields of architecture, traffic and family, especially the picture frame factory, frame factory, the most widely used.


Line extruder is a single screw extruder, extrusion production line is, it and the auxiliary machine, molding machine matching can be applied to different material extruding requirements. Processing PS, PE, PP, PVC and other plastic products, such as tube, rod, wire, cable, film layer and insulating products etc.. This machine has the plasticizing effect is good, the extrusion characteristics of stability.

Jiangmen Sharon frame Machinery Co., Ltd. is a production of photo frame, picture frame machinery and equipment manufacturers, Sharon company manufacturing various specifications of PS foam line extruder and bronzing machine, embossing machine, cutting machine, providing complete system line production line for the customer traction machine; foot machine, nailing machines, can fully meet the needs of different environments and the operation requirement of efficient numerical control cutting, high precision, fast speed, space saving, convenient operation and maintenance; the company's Brad nail salon, melon seeds, special steel, suitable for all kinds of material lines, manufacturing high-end products to meet customer demand.