JS cutting machine

主要技术参数 MAIN TECHNICAL DATA 型号【Model NO 】电机功率kw【Wattagekw】长/宽/高【L/W/H(MM)】产品重量(KGS)【Product Weignt(KGS)】JC 6522KW2710X1300X17201900JC 9037KW3640X1520X17202950JC 11045KW4070X1950X17203600JC 12055KW

  • 产品品牌:

1.product name: fixed length cutting machine


2. the scope of application: This machine is mainly used for plastic profile of the fixed length cutting. Using top down cutting mode, and the extruding machine, water tank, heat transfer machine, stacked frame supporting the use of the composition of the production line. Has the advantages of high automation degree, high production efficiency, good cutting effect, safe and convenient use etc..


3. the main technical parameters:

Motor power (KW) 1.5
Product size (LxWxH) mm 365x1080x150
The weight of the product (kgs) 650
With the size of saw blade (" ) 12"
Saw speed (RPM) 2100
Saw blade diameter (mm) 300
Height of center of gravity (mm) of products 1050

4.the warranty period: year, life-long repair and provide technical support for