The traction machine

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1.Product Name: , plastic profile traction machine


2.Scope of application: DY2D track type plastic profile traction and adopts double caterpillar traction mode, mainly used for various extrusion machine extrusion some traction and traction speed, to uniformly continuous traction various profiles. The traction traction machine by frequency conversion motor, drives the upper and lower track rotation, variable frequency speed regulation. Speed adjustment range, stable operation, low noise.


3. the main technical parameters:

Model Motor power (KW) Product size (LxWxH) mm The weight of the product (kgs)
JSQY65 2.2KW 1550X900X1680 510
JSQY90 3 1650X900X1700 560
JSQY110 3 1980X900X1750 610
JSQY120 4 2210X900X1800 660