JS P III multi segment type pneumatic nailing machine

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Applicable scope: one,


Used for wood, plastic strip frame, frame accurate positioning, high precision, fast speed, high efficiency, wide application range


Two, the product features:


Binding of JSXPIII nailing machine is suitable for various kinds of framework, work pressure as power. Its work is characterized by: the nail shooting process, wood is about machine clamping is not moving, until the corners are bound to stop. This machine is used in various production sites of large size box production, more high requirements.


Three, the main technical parameters:

(1) size: H1190XW580XL650 (special size or stroke can be customized)

(2) source: 0.8MPa

compressed gas

(3) the V nail: Uni width of 10.1 ~ 10.5mm, 10.8 ~ AL 11.0mm height is 7, 10, 12, 15mm

(4) nail range: 0 ~ 200mm

(5) machine net weight: 70KG