(large, small) double saw disc pneumatic angle cutting machine

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A, product name: JS (big / small) double saw disc pneumatic angle cutter


Two, the scope of application: used for frames, furniture, doors and windows 45 degrees or polygon cutting angle, cutting wood, plastic, aluminum, working principle of pneumatic work; double cutting machine, high speed, good effect.


Three, the main technical parameters:



The length / width / height (mm) 2980*2980*1540
Working pressure (Mpa) 0.6-0.8
Voltage (AC/V) 110/220/380
Power (kw) 3/1.5
The cutting width (mm) 100/85
Cutting thickness (mm) 97/73
Cutting angle (° ) 45°
With the size of saw blade (" ) 14/12
The weight of the product (kgs) 320/310kgs

Four, customer service and repair machine: one year warranty, life-long repair to provide technical support and!