The JS pedal angle cutting machine

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1. product name:

Foot pedal angle cutter


2. the scope of application:

The pedal angle cutter, is a kind of lever principle as the principle of the mechanical structure of the machine. Have a good angle cutting ability of strip wood, plastic strips, its working characteristics as simple operation, good effect of cutting angle, no noise, no dust, suitable for photo frame, frame, picture frames, handicrafts and other wood products, plastic products manufacturing industry.

Because the machine in use process, no noise, no dust, and the beautiful appearance and other characteristics. Suitable for display in various noise, dust demand places.


3. the main technical parameters:

Product size (L*W*H) mm 550*660*1040
The cutting width (mm) 90
The cutting width (mm) 100
Cutting angle (° ) 45° 60°, 90° ,
The weight of the product (kgs) 110