Photo V type screw No. 15 Brad

  • 产品品牌:

A, product name: Hardwood screw;

Two, specification: 15mm;

Three, the application range: all kinds of rigid frame of the assembly: such as MDF, wood and plaster;

Four, product parameter:


Product Name: Hardwood nail
Specification 15mm
Type Uni
Packaging Salon brand packaging
Packing particle number 6000 / box
Box / case Box 11 / box
Gross / box 29.5kgs


Five, similar products:


Product Name: Type Specification Brand
Common nail AL, uni 7mm Salon
Common nail AL, uni 10mm Salon
Common nail AL, uni 12mm Salon
Common nail AL, uni 15mm Salon
Hardwood nail AL, uni 5mm Salon
Hardwood nail AL, uni 7mm Salon
Hardwood nail AL, uni 10mm Salon
Hardwood nail AL, uni 12mmm Salon
Hardwood nail AL, uni 15mm Salon



Enterprises can not stand, cross are not

The letter and Jian Yan, called salon — — "moral"


All parties to return, time. In 1997, Sharon photo frame machinery with Hongkong's return to the motherland,

Located in Guangdong Province Jiangmen City Machinery Factory, founder of Mr.Jing deep love "moral" guided by the philosophy of life,

Advocate “ stand on solid ground, steadily forward, ” “ integrity first, the healthy development of ” Sharon development view.


Salon industry is a set research and development, production, sales, professional photo manufacturing equipment manufacturers,

In 1997 August put into production in Jiangmen city machinery plant, the initial frame mechanical equipment mainly service Huarun, the Great Wall,

Some professional photo producers and gallery, then gradually to the national and international market. Salon after 15 years of development,

During continuous integrated customer suggestions, to design and manufacture products structure technology improved, with the ability to develop and continuously improve the quality,

And many professional users have more deep cooperation. Factory area in 2011 expanded to 9000 square meters,

Has become the leading photo frame machinery manufacturing industry live up to one's name.


In 2006, Sharon company product line from box manufacturing machine, Cutaway machine, nailing machines,

Extension to box production enterprises to provide complete solutions for production.

Conventional products added PS line production equipment, Brad nail, melon seeds, and other ancillary products,

Product sales throughout the various provinces and cities, China Southeast Asian countries, India, Russia, the Middle East and in Europe and america.

And for the market and the whole international recruitment agents.